More About Me


I have been devotedly serving real estate buyers and sellers on the Westside of Los Angeles since 1996. I have resided in Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica since 1982. I love and enjoy the lifestyle and the bountiful gifts that individuals, communities and the wonderful environment Los Angeles and the Westside offer.

I hold various Master of Arts Degrees including Microbiology, Applied Human Relationships and Counseling Psychology. I have lived and created successful businesses in different countries in South America and Europe. Early in my career, I created and successfully managed three multimillion-dollar translation businesses in Los Angeles.

My mission while representing sellers and buyers is to facilitate successful real estate transactions based on trust and integrity by providing the utmost caring and professional service, focusing on my clients' highest interests utilizing my wide variety of skills, talents and resources. My personal, global entrepreneurial and professional experiences have deepened my negotiating skills and sharpened my ability to effectively assist my clients throughout all the steps in the process of selling and buying their homes.

My greatest asset and greatest joy is being able to connect with sellers and buyers, focusing on bringing forth their visions and facilitating the process of making them a reality. My authentic service attitude, my positive focus, my dedication and commitment to place my clients' best interests first, my communication skills, attention to detail, my insightful abilities and real estate expertise have created caring, genuine and professional relationships resulting in successful transactions and a loyal global clientele. My heart smiles when my clients say to me: "Lady, thank you. We love our home."

In my spare time, I love to volunteer as a facilitator for various service-oriented and personal growth organizations. I greatly enjoy traveling, music, dancing, nature, walks on the beach, swimming, laughing and all the goodness that life offers.

I am fluent in English and Spanish.